Monday, April 11, 2011

Cricut Search Tip

Here is a quick Cricut Search Tip for you.  For those of you that don't know, my family created the website Cricut Search to help people find images that are on Cricut cartridges.  People have compared it to a search engine for Cricut images.

If you are looking for an image of a kite, you can type in the word kite to the search bar and hit search, and Cricut Search will show you a preview of all of the Cricut cartridge handbook pages that have a kite image on them.
Now, if you cannot see the images when they are this small, you can click on any one of the images to get a larger preview, like this . . . 

Still need it larger?  Click on the LARGE preview, and you will see that one page even larger.

Now on to the tip . . . what if you type in your search item, like we did for kite, and when you click on the preview it brings you to a totally different page of a cartridge that was not on the original  search results?  What is wrong?  This is most likely an internet cookies issue, and you need to delete internet cookies.  Sometimes the cookies will hold on to a past search for some odd reason, so by clearing the cookies you are wiping the slate clean so that you can do your new search.  We have this and other tips on our Troubleshooting page.


  1. This Cricut search has been a great help. The search option on the Gypsy is not very good.

  2. I love Cricut Search..I used it often!! Thanks for sharing it!

    ~Sharon C.