Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Looking back . . .

Have you ever looked back at your older scrapbooks to see how your scrapbooking "style" has changed or evolved.  I did this just recently, mostly because I don't have that many "new" projects to post right now and I was looking back at some pictures of older scrapbook layouts that I have taken, but have not yet posted on the blog.  I can really see that BEFORE I owned a Circut, I used a LOT more stickers, and now I rarely use stickers.  Of course, before the Cricut my layouts had less titles and words on them . . . mostly because I don't like my handwriting . . . but with the Cricut I can make perfect letters every time.

Anyway, enough of my rambling . . . on to the layout!  Since I live in Minnesota, snow is a way of life for us.  Every year we get at least one big storm where we are stuck in the house until the plows come by.  While it is troublesome to get around on a day like this, the trees and landscape look BEAUTIFUL with the fresh snow all around.

In this layout I show a picture of the fresh snow and how it hangs onto the trees, and the icicles hanging off the back of the house.  In the corner I added a journaling box with the information on the storm . . . date, total snow fall . . . so that we have a record of what things were like that year.  The background paper has a scattering of dots with snowflakes through out.  I believe this was a Creative Memories paper from a few years ago.


  1. Yes i did (lol) It made me really smile coz before owning a Cricut I just used anything I find at home or stores. Now that I have Cricut I still don't use it much (lol). I know I should coz carts are now 80 and still growing =)

  2. Oh yes...my style has changed DRAMATICALLY!!!! lol