Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cricut Cartridges for April 2011

It is that time of month . . . the third Thursday of the month is when ProvoCraft announces the new Cricut cartridges that will be coming out, and I have the line up of what you can expect for April 2011.  The first few are seasonal cartridges.

Father's Day is a new seasonal cartridge that is filled with images for the man in your life.  There is a remote control, video game controller, grill, recliner, a variety of sports along with some phrases.  I think that they really did a nice job on these images, and making sure that there is something for a variety of Father's.

I was looking forward to seeing this next cartridge, since I have a son that is graduating from High School this year, but now that I see it I think the images are a little "young" to use for a high school graduation.  The cartridge is called Happy Graduation.

I like the phrases, the graduation caps, and the fact that they gave us two cupcake wrapper cuts, but I personally think that all of the owl images are a little "grade school" looking.

Next up is Luau, which would be great if you are planning a tropical vacation!

Now on to the FULL cartridges

I have to admit, at first glance I thought this cartridge was not going to be anything I would want, but once I opened up the handbook and REALLY looked at it, I started to think that it might be moving to my "want it" list.  It is called Elegant Edges.  Here is the back of the box for a preview.

A bunch of scalloped and fancy edged squares and circles . . . no big deal, right?  WRONG!  Look inside the handbook!  All of the images have a frame option, a border option, an oblong feature . . . 

And look at how beautiful the example project from the book is . . . 

The next cartridge is called Everyday Pop-up Cards.  I have seen some pop-up cards, and I have wanted to try to make them, but I was always worried I would not cut things right, but if I had this cartridge I just might give it a try.  Here is the example project from the handbook

And here are a few of the handbook pages.  Each page would include the cuts to make the actual card, the image for the front of the card, the phrase, and the piece that pops up for the center of the card.

There are a variety of cards for different occasions.

Next up is Damask Decor.  This one is filled with detailed and intricate cuts, including card and envelope cuts for each image.  

The last one that I am going to show you is a Cricut Circle Exclusive, but even if we can't all get our hands on it, I wanted to share the images from it with you.  It is called Pop-up Neighborhood.  The back cover images show a variety of people, place and things that you might find in your neighborhood.

Similar to the Everyday Pop-up Cards cartridge, this one has cuts to allow you to place each image into a card and to make it pop off the page.  Here is what the sample project from the handbook looks like.

So those are the new cartridge that will be available for sale in April 2011!  


  1. Wow! Thanks for sharing all of these images!

  2. Those look really great! Thanks for sharing them!!

  3. Wow, my list has grown. Especially for the pop up cards, and those lovely Elegant Edges ...thanks for the preview.

  4. Hi Thanks for preview.
    Love the Pop up cards one.
    Also Elegant Edges one.

  5. * Follow on to my earlier comment.
    I do love them..... but some of them are very similar and when you are thinking of buying cartridges. Which are expensive especially here in the UK.
    I like to have something different.
    So maybe Provo Craft time for a re-think?
    You have changed the colours of the machines!
    Which I love, especially the pink one!
    Now for some changes to the Cartridges?
    Only my opinion..thanks Maryuk

  6. Just when I said "I'm cut off of buying any more cartridges" you showed me 3 more that I want!! I thank you, but my wallet doesn't