Thursday, March 31, 2011

My luggage

I am still having so much fun reading the emails from people about how much they loved the Disney Pixar Blog Hop we did over the weekend.  So, to continue on that theme, I wanted to show you how I embellished my luggage.

I have a Brother sewing and embroidery machine, and it came with some Disney images programmed right into it.  So to make my plain, boring luggage a little more fun and personal, I embroidered Mickey Mouse on to the luggage, along with my last name.  It helps to make them easier to pick out from a crowd in the airport also.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Get your own Cricut Plushie

Have you seen the new Cricut Plushies that ProvoCraft came out with?

I saw these on a few blogs just after the last CHA event, and now you can buy one of your own!

They are for sale on the Cricut website . . . click here for the direct link

You can get the 6" size for $9.99, or the 14" size for $19.99

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Keep it simple

Sometimes it is the simple scrapbook layouts that turn out the best. Here is one that I did from a family vacation that we took a few years ago. We had a wonderful afternoon walking by the lakeshore, going out on the dock, and enjoying the colors of the leaves changing on the trees.

Monday, March 28, 2011

And the winner is . . . .

I cannot believe how many people came to the Disney Blog Hop we had this past Saturday.  If you missed it, you can still go and look at the projects that were featured.

Just to show all of you HOW MANY people actually came to this hop, I have to share a screen shot I took of the Cricut Top 40 page part way through the day . . .

Yes, that would be little old me, the Disney Blog Hop Pixie in second place right behind My Pink Stamper.  Oh, and the number 3 spot is also me (well, my family) since we created Cricut Search.  So for a large part of the day on Saturday, I was holding both the number 2 AND 3 spots on the Cricut Top 40 . . . now those are some bragging rights if you ask me!  By the time the day was done, I had seen my biggest day ever for traffic to this blog, and gained several new followers (thanks for joining us!)

Okay, now that I am done bragging about how great the hop that Melissa and I organized was, let's get on to the prize.  I am honored to have Custom Crops as a sponsor for my blog and Cricut Search.  Since this was a Disney Blog Hop, they provided me with the brand new Disney Classics Cricut Cartridge to give away to one lucky winner.

I only wish I could keep it for myself!  So, out of over 360 entries, the winner is . . . 
You can check out Kimberly's blog at 

Congratulations Kimberly!  For everyone else . . . stay tuned to this blog for new on future Disney Pixar Blog Hops and maybe you could be as lucky as Kimberly!

Oh . . . and for all of you that said "I hope that you do this again" . . . you are getting your wish.  Melissa and I have picked a date for the next Disney Pixar Blog Hop.  

Details to come . . . 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The day after . . .

I wanted to thank everyone that came to the Disney Pixar Blog Hop, all of the wonderful crafters that were a part of the hop, and all of the sponsors of those hops that donated such great prizes.  In case you missed the hop, you can still view all of the projects by going to the following links . . .

Don't be sad that the hop is over, because Melissa and I have already started tossing around the idea of doing another Disney Pixar Blog Hop.  Who knows, maybe this will become a regular feature for us, just rotating the bloggers that are stops on the hop.  So if you enjoyed this one, make sure to watch this blog or Melissa's for updates so that you can join the fun again.

This seems like the perfect way to sign off this post . . . 

M - I - C . . . see ya real soon
K - E - Y . . . why?  Because we like you

M - O - U - S - E

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Disney Pixar Blog Hop

It is finally here!  The Disney Pixar Blog Hop!

I am so thankful to my co-host Melissa for helping me to gather this great line up of bloggers that we have today!  We have come together to celebrate something that is dear to so many of us . . . our love of all things Disney, which of course include the Pixar family of characters.

My project today showcases my personal family of "characters" from our recent trip to Walt Disney World.

One thing you need to know about me . . . I hate to waste paper!  So when I started this project I picked out all of the papers that I wanted to use, and then in the areas that would be covered by pictures, embellishments or other papers in the layout I punched out some Mickey Mouse silhouettes that I could then use later on in this layout, or other layouts.

You can see where I punched out the row of Mickey Mouse silhouettes from the red paper, and in the image below you will see how I covered this area with the blue swirl paper.

I have heard a lot of people on message boards complain about how hard it is to work with the tiny little pieces when they are putting some of the Disney characters together if you are not cutting the overall image very big.  Here is how I work around that . . . I ONLY cut the shadow cut on the image.  Since Minnie and Mickey are in the photos with my family, I did not really feel like I needed to totally recreate them in paper, so by only doing the shadow cut I still get the fun of Disney without the work of those tiny pieces! 
And did you notice the little Mickey Mouse heads in the blue paper?  Yes . . . those are the ones that I punched out from the yellow and green matting papers.  I added them into the blue swirl paper to create my own personal Disney paper!  Now you don't even have to go out shopping for special Disney papers . . . just add a little Mickey to the papers you already own!

Last but not least, I added the phrase "Hugs and Kisses" from the Lyrical Letters Cricut Cartridge.  I thought that it fit perfect since I am hugging Mickey and Minnie is kissing my son.  I used a red glitter paper for the heart and the & in the cut.

Before you go, I would like to thank you for coming to the blog hop by offering you a chance to win a prize . . . the new Disney Classics Cricut Cartridge, donated by Custom Crops!  If you have not shopped at Custom Crops you have to check them out . . . everything you need for your paper crafts in one place.

To enter for a chance to win this cartridge filled with images of Classic Disney characters, just go to and type 
hugs and kisses
into the search bar, and find how many different handbook pages come up in your search.  You might be surprised to find that the cut I used is not the only hugs and kisses cut that is out there.  Then send me an email telling me the number of handbook pages you found . . . you can email me by clicking here, or by going to the Contact Us page of

The winner will be announced by Monday March 28th here at my blog, and on Facebook pages for Cricut Search and Crafty Chics so make sure to check back if you want to know who won!

Update 3/28/11: The winner has been announced . . . click here.

Thank you so much for coming to this blog hop!  

And now I send you off to my co-host in this hop, Melissa, from DisneyDreamerDesigns

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I love the images of butterflies. Here are two shirts that I did with the exact same image, using the exact same thread, but because of the color of the shirt that they were on they look very different. I like the purple one the best. Since the image was of a butterfly with one continuous thread, so the image did not require you to change threads I thought it would be fun to use a varigated thread, which is one that gradually changes from one color to the next.

I think it really helped to bring the butterflies to life.


Monday, March 21, 2011

My Most Challenging Scrapbook Project

Last year I did a very challenging scrapbooking project. I was creating Memorial Scrapbooks for two young girls who lost their father to cancer earlier this year. Their mother wanted to a book that both of the girls could keep to look back on their time with their father, but since she is not a scrapbooker and it would be too emotional for her to do this project, she brought the idea up to some friends . . . and they suggested that I do the books for her.

At first, it was very strange to be scrapbooking someone else's pictures and memories, since I did not have the emotional connection to the images that I was working with. But a strange thing happened while Iwas working on these books . . . I feel like I connected with this family. I got to know them through their pictures and seeing their daughters grow and their family change. By the end, I felt like I had know this family for years . . . and I sort of did since I just spent months looking at the last five years of their life.

I truly thank this family for the opportunity to create these books for them, and to develop my scrapbooking skills by working on layouts that Iwould have NEVER done before. I hope that the girls look at these books when they are older with loving memories, and I thank their mother for allowing me to share in this part of their lives and to share the layouts I created with you through this blog.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Spring is in the air!  Even here in Minnesota we are starting to see patches of grass where the snow is melting away . . . okay, patches of ground where the green grass will be, but at least it is something different than the snow that we have been looking at for the past 5 months!

When you think of spring, what do you think of?




Spring Showers


So if you need inspiration for your crafts, just look out the window and see what signs of spring are popping up around you, and the start with that.

(note: None of these pictures are my projects . . . just inspiration I have found in the creations made by other crafters)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Teresa Collins and Cricut

Okay . . . I have to admit . . . I am not one of those who "knows" all of the hip and trendy crafting world designer names.  I am more along the type that just goes into the store and buys what she likes and does not pay attention to "who" it is made by.

If you ARE one of those that keeps tabs on all of the trendy designers, then you might know who Teresa Collins is . . . if not, here is a link to one of her websites.  Well, I found out that she is working with ProvoCraft on some new cartridges . . . one for the Imagine and one regular Cricut cartridge . . . and even better, I found some preview images for you!

My guess is that this last one is for the Imagine, with all of that detail in the crown.  Since none of these were in the Hello Thursday update from this week, maybe these will be released later on this summer.  Stay tuned, because you know that as soon as I know I will pass the information on to all of you!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cricut Cartridges for April 2011

It is that time of month . . . the third Thursday of the month is when ProvoCraft announces the new Cricut cartridges that will be coming out, and I have the line up of what you can expect for April 2011.  The first few are seasonal cartridges.

Father's Day is a new seasonal cartridge that is filled with images for the man in your life.  There is a remote control, video game controller, grill, recliner, a variety of sports along with some phrases.  I think that they really did a nice job on these images, and making sure that there is something for a variety of Father's.

I was looking forward to seeing this next cartridge, since I have a son that is graduating from High School this year, but now that I see it I think the images are a little "young" to use for a high school graduation.  The cartridge is called Happy Graduation.

I like the phrases, the graduation caps, and the fact that they gave us two cupcake wrapper cuts, but I personally think that all of the owl images are a little "grade school" looking.

Next up is Luau, which would be great if you are planning a tropical vacation!

Now on to the FULL cartridges

I have to admit, at first glance I thought this cartridge was not going to be anything I would want, but once I opened up the handbook and REALLY looked at it, I started to think that it might be moving to my "want it" list.  It is called Elegant Edges.  Here is the back of the box for a preview.

A bunch of scalloped and fancy edged squares and circles . . . no big deal, right?  WRONG!  Look inside the handbook!  All of the images have a frame option, a border option, an oblong feature . . . 

And look at how beautiful the example project from the book is . . . 

The next cartridge is called Everyday Pop-up Cards.  I have seen some pop-up cards, and I have wanted to try to make them, but I was always worried I would not cut things right, but if I had this cartridge I just might give it a try.  Here is the example project from the handbook

And here are a few of the handbook pages.  Each page would include the cuts to make the actual card, the image for the front of the card, the phrase, and the piece that pops up for the center of the card.

There are a variety of cards for different occasions.

Next up is Damask Decor.  This one is filled with detailed and intricate cuts, including card and envelope cuts for each image.  

The last one that I am going to show you is a Cricut Circle Exclusive, but even if we can't all get our hands on it, I wanted to share the images from it with you.  It is called Pop-up Neighborhood.  The back cover images show a variety of people, place and things that you might find in your neighborhood.

Similar to the Everyday Pop-up Cards cartridge, this one has cuts to allow you to place each image into a card and to make it pop off the page.  Here is what the sample project from the handbook looks like.

So those are the new cartridge that will be available for sale in April 2011!  

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

Here is a card that I created for my Grandfather.

I used the Core'dinations paper for the shamrocks so that I could sand them and all of them could have different amounts of the inner green color showing through.  I cut the letters to spell out "I'm Lucky" for the front of the card, and the inside says "to have a Grandpa like you."

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Win a Cinch!

I have to share this with all of you . . . Consumer Crafts is doing a contest right now.

If you are a Facebook Fan of theirs, you just have to leave a comment at this link
and you can be entered to win a Cinch Prize Pack!  It’s filled with the Cinch book binding tool, Cinch pliers, Cinch wires, and Core’dinations paper- everything you need to get started!  This is exclusive to their Facebook friends, just ‘like’ them and comment on the giveaway.  A winner will be chosen and announced tomorrow morning.  Tell them Shawn sent you!

St. Patrick's Day birthday

I have a friend that I have know since I was probably about 4 years old who has a birthday on St. Patrick's Day.  Here is the card that I created for her this year.

In case you cannot read it, it says Fabulous at 40!  The image of the woman is from the Forever Young Cricut Cartridge.  I used a glittery paper for the dress so that this classy lady could have some bling.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Guest Blogger and a Challenge

Today we have a Guest Blogger, Kristal Andrew from  She is going to show us how she used Cricut Search to help her create a card for her "sweet and spicy" challenge theme.  If you would like to join in the challenge, there is still time to enter a project that you created.  Just click here.

I love using Cricut Search, and when I was looking for a little elephant, I typed in elephant to find this adorable one on Sugar and Spice lite cartridge!
I created this easy card for my Simply Sunday Challenge. Every Sunday I have a challenge in which my readers can play along and win a cricut cartridge! I decided to give away the matching cartridge: Sugar & Spice to the winner! My challenges run for TWO weeks, even though a new challenge is posted each week.
I hope you will hop over to my blog GETTING CRICKY and join us!
Now join me for a quick tutorial on how to make this sweet and simple card!
Ingredients for this Card:
Polka Dot Mat: 5.75x5.75 (Penny Lane)
Paisely Flower Mat: 5.25x5.25 (Paper Studio)
Sugar & Spice Cricut Lite Cartridge (Provocraft-Walmart)
Cut Elephant at 4", Cut Scallop tag at 2.25"
Textured Cardstock: Brown, Pink
Smooth Cardstock: White
Ink: Vintage Photo (Tim Holtz Distress: Ranger Industries)
Pen: White Gel (Marvy), Brown Stampin' Up Marker the challenge is to create any project that is a little sweet and spicy--how you interpret this is up to you! It can be any project (treat box, card, layout, tag, etc) using any materials. I would LOVE to see a cricut cut used, but I'm not mandating it. I want everyone to be able to participate.
THANK you to each of you for visiting me today and allowing me to share a bit of my day with you. I feel BLESSED to have you here with me. I hope your day is full of wonder, blessings, and love today.