Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Quick No Sew Project

My daughter just started playing hockey this year, and on Sunday as I was sitting on the cold benches at the ice arena watching her practice I decided that I needed to make something to sit on that would help to make those benches a little warmer.

Years ago I made no sew throw blankets for family members, so I used the same theory for this ice arena bench cover.  Her team colors are red, blue and white so I went to the fabric store and got one yard of red polar fleece, and one yard of a variegated blue polar fleece.  I then cut each of them in half, length wise, so that I had two long skinny pieces of each color.  I pinned one blue to one red piece, and then cut fringe about 2 inches long around the entire thing, and then went back and tied knots with that fringe.  Here is the finished project (throw over a box in the basement . . . pretend it is on a bench at the ice arena)

I think I like the blue side better.

Hopefully it helps to keep things a little warmer at the next practice.  The nice thing is that it is long enough that I think both my husband and I  will be able to use it, and if another parent wants one I have enough fabric at home to make a second one.

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