Monday, August 2, 2010

Happy Birthday card

For some reason I have gotten really into making cards recently.  I feel like everyone was doing this several years ago, mostly the stamped holiday cards, and I never got into then and thought that I never would . . . boy was I wrong!

Now that I have my Cricut, it is so easy to cut out shapes, images and saying so I can make a personal card.  I love that I can use the papers I pick, and that I don't end up spending a ton of time at the card store looking for just the right card.

I don't think that this card is my BEST work, but the person I gave it to like it.

I used a blue paper with stars in several different colors, and bordered it with blue glitter paper.  Then I cut the Happy Birthday from my Calligraphy Collection Cricut Cartridge.

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