Friday, August 20, 2010


Let's switch gears here . . . I have been talking a lot recently about scrapbooking and card making, which don't get me wrong, I love, but there are other crafts out there too . . . how about some of my machine embroidery projects.

It is almost time to go back to school, and how about this for your favorite teacher.

I did this project for a friend of mine to give to a teacher they know.  She purchased a simple red bag, and then I made a pocket for the front of the bag, which I embroidered the teacher's name and an apple on.  It is a great bag for her to carry everything she needs from her car to the classroom every day.


  1. Interesting post. I'm new-ish to this blog, but have like what I've read!

  2. I really like that idea. I made a bag for a special ed teacher with machine embroidery once and used a label on the bag that's available for free at