Thursday, April 22, 2010

First sewing project

My daughter, who will be turning 10 in June, has just started to show an interest in sewing.  Last week every night after dinner she was asking me for a "sewing lesson".  I walked her through the basic steps and then had her sew a straight line, zig zig, follow a curving line and sew in a circle.  Over the weekend she wanted to start in on her first real sewing project.  We decided to start with something simple . . . a pillowcase.  She is into anything with a Peace Sign on it, so I was not surprised when she said she wanted to find fabric with Peace Signs on it.

Hard at work on her first sewing project, a Peace Sign pillowcase.

The finished project!

She did a GREAT job!  Her seams were really straight and she was very careful the entire time.  She already has her next project planned out . . . pajamas with Peace/Love pants and a teal blue shirt.  Now that I have her sewing and scrapbooking I just have to show her how to blog about her own creations and she can take over!

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