Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Getting organized

Do you hate it when you know you have already purchased an item you need for your craft project, but you just cannot find it?  Maybe it is time to organize the craft room before we dive into any new projects for the year. 

Archiver's has a list of organizing ideas and products here http://www.archiversonline.com/articles/organization.html

Feel free to share your organizing tips and ideas also (either here at the blog or at our Facebook Fan Page)

About a year ago I purchased several small storage boxes that are supposed to be used for DVD's. I put labels on the front of them and use them to store stamps, paints, blank cards and the different memory cards for my embroidery machine. I think that I need to get some more to store my Cricut Cartridges in . . . I might organize them by font cartridges and image cartridges.

Another great way to store small items, like beads, buttons or pins, is in baby food jars. If you know of someone that has a baby, ask them to save a few jars for you. The jars come in different sizes too which is nice.

What is your best organization tip?

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