Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crafty Kids

It is the day before Christmas, my shopping and baking is done, it is snowing outside . . . sounds like a PERFECT day for crafting to me! I will be working on a couple of new projects that I hope to show off soon, but until then I am going to show off some of the work of my Crafty Kids.

YEARS ago, my son was into making things with pony beads. Here is one of the Christmas ornaments that he made.

Just recently, his younger sister discovered the boxes of pony beads left over from when her brother was into this craft. She thought that she would give it a try and she created this red and white candy cane striped bracelet.

She used cord elastic to string the beads so that the bracelet would stretch to fit around any wrist, and so that you would not have to go through the trouble of putting a clasp on the bracelet.

Another crafty project that my daughter recently did was a school project. They were creating houses out of graham crackers and other food items . . . sort of like a ginger bread house.

I like how she used the square pretzels for the windows on the house. She was most proud of the bear on the roof of the house. She put a gummy bear into a lifesaver so it looked like the bear was going down the slope of the roof on a inner tube. She also placed three "jumps" made out of chocolate for the bear to go off of to get some lift as he went down the side of the roof.

Once the holidays are over, this will make a nice treat for the squirrels that live in the tree behind out house. I hope that we can get a picture of them nibbling on the side of the house.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Crafting!

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