Saturday, October 10, 2009

Unique, Wearable Art

Palettepassion – Unique, Wearable Art!

If you ever had the rare opportunity to peek inside my craft room, you would instantly know that I have the “I have to try that” syndrome! I’ve experimented with many things, but have come to find that my true passion is painting. Thus Palettepassion was born! I paint in a variety of media but the most fun and challenges have come from painting on silk. I love the idea of having my art be a part of everyday life whether it be going to work, a date with a friend or running to the grocery store!

It all starts with a blank white scarf. It lays there waiting for me to decide what it should become. I draw inspiration from many sources including nature, fabrics, color schemes I see on TV or in magazines, my children’s bookshelf....I’m constantly jotting notes in my brain for things I want to try on silk. There are times when I do just play with colors and see what happens (which has resulted in a small box of mishaps). For the most part though I am pleasantly surprised by the results. Each scarf is hand painted making them truly unique in every color blending, form outlining, brushstroke detail. The scarves are then heat-set making the dyes permanent and the scarves hand-washable.

I love the challenge of painting something completely unique. I’ve had custom requests for a wide range of subjects and I’m always excited to see the end result. I try to paint something I would love to wear that not only complements my wardrobe but also speaks to who I am as a person. Scarves are a fashion statement and can convey many attitudes and personalities! Try one on for yourself!

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