Friday, September 4, 2009

Fall . . .

Now that we are into September, fall is coming. When I think of fall I think of back to school, leaves falling, cooler days and working on crafts. In my house, since I am not a football fan, the time that other spend watching the game is the time that I go off to the craft store or get some time with no interruptions to work on crafts.

But, I know that there are many crafters who DO like football, and that got me thinking . . . we should share some of our favorite football related crafts with each other. Do you make something with a football theme, or in the colors of a team? If so, let us know so that others can share in your creations. You can post your comments here, or join our Facebook group at

This will also be a great way for us to find items that we can use to support our favorite teams, or gifts for the football lover in our families.

Make sure to tell all of your crafting friends to join us. The more the merrier!

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