Saturday, May 28, 2016

Don't Fight It

Last weekend I was SO FRUSTRATED!  I wanted to do some crafting, but I felt like my mojo was just gone.  I could not get inspired.  I tried looking at some of my favorite blogs and crafters. I looked at what was trending and in the ads for the craft stores.  I looked at Pinterest.  After I was done I felt even more frustrated because I saw all of this stuff that other people were creating and I was still standing in my craft room and NOTHING was coming to me.

Then on Monday on my lunch break it was like a wave came over me . . . all of a sudden I had ideas for three new projects, and one of the solved the challenge of what to put on the empty wall in my office.  Now I have the ideas in my head and I just have to create them.

What do you do when you have a creative block?  Where do you find your inspiration?  Do you ever find that sometimes you just need to not fight it and wait for that wave of crafting inspiration to wash over you?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Cricut Deals!

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I had to share some Cricut news with you . . . .

I just found out that all Disney and Sesame Street cartridges are on sale!

Oh, and for my friends in Canada . . . you can enjoy the Cricut deals to now . . . because of the NEW shipping rates to Canada!
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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Summer is coming, and you can see it in some of the papercrafting trends.  I see flamingos popping up in craft paper and stamp sets.

Even if you have not purchased anything NEW recently, you might still be able to keep up with this trend with some of your old Cricut cartridges.  I went to and typed in flamingo and found the following images on cartridges

Animal Antics

Life is a Beach

Twinkle Toes

Nifty Fifties

Serenade Solutions

Summer Bliss

Looking through the images you already have in your collection is a great way to re-discover some of these older cartridges.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crocheted American Girl Doll Dress Pattern

I cannot believe how hooked I have become on crocheting recently! I have been busy making American Girl Doll dresses. I found a pattern HERE, and I altered it slightly. Today I will be sharing the full pattern with you.  If you want to see the other dress that I made with this same pattern, you can click HERE.

This project uses a simple double crochet stitch and chain stitch.  I am also going to show you how once you know the basics of the pattern, you can alter and vary it to really make the pattern your own.
·         "I" crochet hook
·          #4 worsted weight yarn
·         scissors
·         button
Row 1:  Ch 28.

With the second row, you will be building in the shape of the shoulders of the piece.  I have included images after the instructions for the row to help guide you.

Row 2: Starting in the 3rd chain from the hook, work 1 double crochet in each chain for 3 chains.
In the next chain work a double crochet, chain 2, and a second double crochet. 
Work 1 double crochet in the next 3 chains. 
In the next chain work a double crochet, chain 2, and a second double crochet. 
Work 1 double crochet in the next 9 chains. 
In the next chain work a double crochet, chain 2, and a second double crochet. 
Work 1 double crochet in the next 3 chains. 
In the next chain work a double crochet, chain 2, and a second double crochet. 
Work 1 double crochet in the last 4 chains.

Row 3: Ch 2, turn. 1 dc in each dc and ch 2 space until the end.

The next row is where you will form the armhole openings on the dress.  I have included several pictures to show this process.

Row 4: Ch 2, turn. dc in each of the next 5 dc, 

Ch 4, do not work the next 5 dc, dc in the following stitch.
 This creates the opening for the armhole. 

Dc in each stitch for the next 12 stitches,

 ch 4, do not work the next 5 dc, dc in the following stitch and continue with one double crochet in every stitch to the end of the row.

Row 5: Ch 2 turn, 1 dc in each dc.  When you get to the chain, work 4 double crochet around the chain, then continue again with 1 dc in each dc

Row 6: Ch 2, turn. 1 dc in each dc until the end.

Row 7: Ch 2, turn. 1 dc in each dc until the end.
Row 8:  Ch 2, turn. 1 dc in each dc until the end.but at the end of this row, you will join the dress in a circle. You will do this by joining with a slip stitch to the ch 2 from the beginning of this row.

You will now be working in rounds for the remainder of the dress.

Row 9: Ch 2, do not turn, work 1 dc in same space as ch 2, 2 dc in each stitch around until the end. Join with a slip stitch to your ch.

Row 10: Ch 3, alternate between one double crochet and 2 double crochet in each stitch all the way around the dress, and join with a slip stitch to your chain.

Row 11- 18: Ch 3, work 1 dc in next stitch and each around, join with a slip stitch to your chain.

Fasten off and weave in ends.  The completed skirt has 10 rows.  It can be made shorter or longer if you choose.  You could also vary this pattern by changing the colors for some of the rows of the skirt to make it striped, or add a ruffle.

Sew a button with your yarn tail to the top of the back to fasten. Simply push through the stitches on the other side to secure.

And here is the completed dress.

I have added this dress, along with some of my other projects to my Storenvy site.  This is where I sell some of the items I make.

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Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Sassy Sentiment Cards

I have these great sentiment stamps from a company called Two Lips. I discovered their booth at CHA 2016. I wanted to make some fun cards that show off the sentiments.

I started off with a die from Sizzix that I cut from some plain white cardstock.

I cut several sheets of colored cardstock in half and folded those in half to create the base for the cards.  Then I cut some white cardstock to size for layering on top of the base card piece.

Now it is time to embellish the plain white pieces!

I taped the die cut shape over the top of the white cardstock at an angle.  I like to do items like this on an angle because sometimes my straight lines do not end up so straight . . . but this way not having things straight is worked into the concept of the project.  

Then I began to add ink over the die cut shape.  I worked in a circular motion so that you would not see a hard line of where I started or ended with the color.  This helps the colors to blend better.

Then I started to layer in other colors in the same manner.

And more color . . . 

Then I felt like the orange was not as bright as I wanted it, so I went over those areas a second time.

When I removed the die, this is the inked image that was left on the white cardstock.

It was really easy to ink up several of these.  Then I simply added the sentiment to the corner and added a few dots of Viva Decor for an extra accent.  Then I attached the white piece to the card base and I quickly had several cards. 

I have added some of  these cards to my store where I sell some of my handcrafted items.  Just click HERE.  Let me know if there is another one you want to see added.

I purchased these stamps through Terri at Stamps Alive . . . contact her and let her know you are interested in the Two Lips stamps that Shawn featured.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Teddy Bear Crocheted Blanket

Here is something I NEVER thought I would make . . . a crocheted teddy bear blanket!  Why did I think I would never make one of these?  To be totally honest, I did not think my crochet talents were good enough to make something like this.

I have been using the One Skein Baby Projects book from Leisure Arts.  This book really helped me to build my confidence as a crocheter.  Once I built my confidence on some of the basic stitches, I was ready to try to build on those and create the basic shapes to build the bear's head.  

I love the stitch on this blanket.  I was given one small skein of this variegated yarn, and since I wanted to make the blanket a little larger than the original size I added a solid color brown yarn to the sides as a border.  This is a great way to use up yarn that is in a color that is no longer available . . . us it for the center portion of a small blanket and then build on to it by adding a solid coordinating color to each side of the piece.

The head is a little wobbly, but I think I just need to work on my stitching of the head onto the blanket to secure it more.  I also decided to leave off the facial details like the eyes since the yarn itself already had so much character to it with the way the colors change in it.

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Monday, May 16, 2016

Owl Card

Today I want to share an owl flip card that I created.  I used the Sizzix Movers and Shapers Die for the base of the card.  This base makes it easy to add movement to your basic cards.

For this card I used a sheet of paper that has nine squares on it in various colors so that I could cut all of the layers for the owl out of one sheet of paper.  I am cutting an owl from the Create a Critter Cricut cartridge. 

I loaded the one sheet of paper into my Cricut and moved the blade to the start of the color I wanted to use for each layer.

Because I wanted to inside of the ears and the eyelashes of the owl to be brown, I smudged brown ink on the base so that when I layered the images the brown would show through.

Here is how the completed card looked before it was opened.  The owl fits perfectly into the center circle.

And when you stand the card up, you can see the owl on the front of the card . . . 

and the get well soon sentiment on the back.  I stamped some circles around the sentiment to add more color to the back of the circle.