Monday, November 30, 2015

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Happy shopping, and happy crafting!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Evolution of a Christmas Card

Sometimes you start a project with one idea in your head, and then as you work on the project it evolves into something you were not planning on.  I love these types of projects because it allows you to just work with the products and see what happens.  That is exactly what happened with this Christmas card I was making.

Supplies for this project include:
Bright green cardstock - 8 1/2" x 11" size
Bright green glitter
Tree stamp - I used the one from the Lawn Fawn Critters in the Forest stamp set

To start off I cut the green cardstock in half and folded it in half.  This way I can make my cards 2 at a time.  When I stared off, the original plan was to just stamp the tree on the card, add some accents with the Dimensional Magic and glitter and be done with them fast . . . watch how that evolved.

After I stamped the images I noticed one card had a smudge.  I had black ink on my finger and I must have touched the card.  No worries . . . this is just going to make an opportunity for embellishment later on in the project.  

Back to the tree.  The original plan was to just stamp the tree on the green paper and add Dimensional Magic and glitter for accents.  In the photo below you can see how I added the Dimensional Magic to just a few tips of the tree.

Once added the glitter I felt like it needed more color.  You will see the final look at the end of the post.  So for the next card I stamped the tree and then colored it in.  This helped the tree to pop off of the card base.

I added the Dimensional Magic to the colored tree . . . 

added glitter and left it to dry

After it had dried for a while you could see the color change a little where the Dimensional Magic and glitter combination was, and you could really start to see the depth from the Dimensional Magic start to pop off the page.

Oh, and remember that smudge of black ink?  I decided to cover it with a snowflake sticker.  Add a few additional snowflake stickers and now it looks like I was planning to use the stickers all along, and not that they were there to hide a mistake.

Once I finished the card I liked the addition of the snowflakes, which were not planned for the original project, but I did not have enough stickers to do the large number of cards I wanted to make.  I guess I could have die cut more snowflakes . . . but I really did not want to do a lot of die cutting for this card.

I decided to stamp more trees on white cardstock.  Now I just had to sit a color them.  This is a nice activity to do while you are watching television.  

I still wanted the look of snowflakes without the work of die cutting all of those shapes, so I embossed some white cardstock to be the background for the trees.  I used my snowflake Cuttlebug embossing folder for this.

It is so much fun to take a plain old piece of paper and emboss it.  It adds so much interest, depth and texture instantly! 

Back to the trees.

Once I had them colored and cut out I added the Dimensional Magic and glitter.  Since you have to let the trees sit and dry, once you do a batch of trees you can go and work on another project, do some housework or take a nap.  

Here is a tip for cleaning up the glitter.  Use a piece of cardboard that has a fold/crease in it when you glitter up your trees.  That way when you shake the excess off you can tap it into the crease and then hold that over the glitter container to funnel it all back into the container. 

Thank you to my husband for taking the photo of me getting the glitter back in the container.  It is kind of hard to photograph the process when you need both hands free for cleaning up glitter!

So now you have seen all of the steps.  Now it is time to show you the finished project, and see the evolution of this card.

First the card that was the original plan . . . stamped tree, Dimensional Magic and glitter . . . and snowflakes added to hide the ink smudge.

I think we can all agree it is not the best card I have ever made.

Okay, the next step in the evolution . . . add color to the tree, and still use the snowflake stickers since I did like that addition.

This card is better, and if I was only going to make two cards I might have stopped here and been fine with it.  Since I am sending out more than two holiday cards and I did not have enough snowflake stickers we move on the the next step in the evolution of this card . . . 

I did a closer photo so you can see the embossing and the glitter even better.

Now this is a card I can be proud of, and it was easy to produce several of them.  Each one is a little different since I applied the Dimensional Magic and glitter to different areas or in a different amount on each tree.

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Snowman Card

I don't consider myself a stamper, but I have recently been trying to do a little more with the collection of stamps that I have gathered over the years.  Seriously, I would hate to see how many stamps I would have it I WAS a stamper.

To start off I stamped this snowman image on a white square of cardstock.

I stamped the image a second time and cut around it.  I am going to use this second image as a mask.

I placed the image I am using as a mask over my stamped image, and I used two blue inks and applied them in a circular motion with a foam pad.  This gave a really soft background color.  (sorry the photo is so dark)

If I thought there was too much of one color, I just added more of the other until I got an effect I was happy with.

When I removed the mask it looked like this . . . 

Now I could grab my markers and color in the hat, scarf and ornament.  Once it was colored in I decided to add some dimension to the ornament by adding a drop of Dimensional Magic.  I love this stuff!  It adds just a little dimension and shine to anything.  You can see a drop of it on the ornament in the image below.

Here is another snowman I made.  I have kind of gotten into the habit of making more than one card at a time.  Often I am using a sheet of 8 1/2" x 11" cardstock cut in half as my base, so it just makes more sense to make 2 cards at once.

Once the Dimensional Magic dries it is clear.  I took the next photo so you could see how it gives some shine and a nice rounded shape to the ornament.

For the base of the card I used a light blue cardstock that I cut in half, and then folded each half in half.

When I placed the snowman image on top of the base there was a lot of empty space at the bottom, and I did not know what to fill it with so I decided to trim off an inch of the base and make the card more square.

Then I layered the snowman image on top of some colored corrugated paper.  This added some nice color and another layer of dimension to the card.

Even though there were several steps to this card, it really did not take that long to make.  Since I was cutting everything to make multiple cards that really helped to speed things up.  

Friday, November 20, 2015

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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

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Happy crafting!

Saturday, November 14, 2015


Just a random post about life today.  I am working on cleaning and organizing the home office, which is WAY over due!  We moved into this house a little over a year ago, and we painted this room a warm latte color That bright yellow the former owner had HAD to go!  It looked like Big Bird was in this room.  We went shopping and got new desks and my husband set up the computers . . . yes, we each have our own desks and our own computers.  I found some nice curtains for the room and I thought "we are going to have a nice office put together in no time!"

Well, that is where everything came to a screeching halt.

Some of it was due to the fact that I ended up having a hysterectomy in the spring of 2015 to remove the Essure birth control that I had implanted in 2008.  Some of that was because I had taken on more at my job, and I was trying to prove myself to leadership that I should be someone that moves up in the team.  I wanted to help find solutions, instead of just accepting that this is the way things were.

Then when time became available to work on things around the house, I was kind of "waiting" for the rest of my family to want to be a part of this process.  I mean really, who wants to organize a house by themselves?  And, if I am the only one that does it then no one else is invested in the project, and I will spend a TON of time and energy organizing everything just to have everyone else mess it up again.  (Wow . . . just realized THIS statement fits for work and another situation that has been bugging me too)  Seems like I get asked to organize/run things, but then later told I am being bossy . . . well, no one else even wanted to do the task I am doing!

Okay . . . back to why I started this whole post

So I am in the office organizing and I have the tunes cranked up on the computer and Shania Twain - Black Eyes comes on.  I love this song, so I turn it up even louder.  As I am rocking out to this song I am going through old paperwork from projects and business ideas that did not work out, old resumes were in this pile, and the words to the song started to take on another meaning to me . . . instead of an abusive relationship, think about that whole song in the form of anything in your life that might be called a failure . . . a job, project, presentation, anything really.  We are told to dream big and take changes, but then sometimes when you do it does not work out and it is much like a bad relationship that you just want to get out of.  Sometimes we beat ourselves up . . . sometimes we feel like we were others "threw punches" at us or knocked us down to our knees.  If we stay there and do nothing, we are allowing it to happen.  If we stand up to the obstacles and roadblocks we are saying "I won't live where things are so out of whack.  I'd rather die standing than live on my knees."

So I took things to the "next level" in the office.  I took down the old computer that has been sitting on MY DESK for a year now.  This is the computer that my husband has been saying that he needed to get some stuff off of before we can get rid of it.  Okay, well TODAY it comes off of MY DESK!  I put paperwork of his or my daughter's that has "landed" on my desk at their spots where we eat dinner.

This whole time the thoughts about how I knew my husband would come home and be pissed that there was stuff on his desk now, and the computer was in the storage area, but you know what . . . I HAVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS!  I AM TAKING CHARGE!

This all was going around in my head and I just HAD to write it down and get it out.

Well, guess what happened?  My husband came home, observed all of this and FINALLY took care of another task I have been asking to have done for a year now, which was actually something we talked about before I started in on the office, and was the next task on my "to do list".  It was going to be one of those "you have not done it, so I will, but I know you won't like the way I am doing it, so then you will come in and do it yourself . . . which is all I wanted in the first place"

So . . . sometimes you do have get a little "bossy" for people to know you really mean what you are saying.