Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Birthday Cake Card

Here is a cute birthday card I created using the Sweet Treats Circut cartridge, a stamp from Two Lips and "toppings" from Queen and Company.

I started off with some red and white patterned cardstock for the background of the card.  I wanted something with a pattern, but also something that would not distract from the cake on the card.

I cut a cake shape from my Sweet Treats Cricut cartridge.  I made the frosting orange since that is my son's favorite color.

Next I embellished the cake by blending a few shades of color with my Copic pens on the corner of the cake pieces.  Then I applied a line of adhesive near the edge and sprinkled the orange "toppings" from Queen and Company.  

Next I added sentiment from Two Lips stamps.  I discovered this company for the first time at CHA 2016 and fell in love with the sense of humor that is in their sentiment stamps.

And there you have it!  A birthday card for my son that fits his sense of humor!

FYI . . . I purchased the stamp and the toppings from Terri at Stamps Alive.  Tell her Shawn sent you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Emoji Pillow

Let's make an emoji pillow!  I have seen these in the store, and they are really popular.  

This project is easy enough for a beginner crocheter and can be made in a weekend.  I actually crocheted most of this while watching television.  The round pillow pattern can be found in the Teach Me to Crochet book by

The cover of this book says "Simple lessons designed with kids in mind", which is great because sometimes even us adults need someone to break things down to the simplest form for us. 

Here is the lesson for the round pillow.  It uses a half double crochet stitch for the project.  I had never done a half double crochet so I loved that there are great photos to show you step by step how to do this stitch.  There are even views to show the steps for a right handed person or a left handed person . . . most of the tutorials I have seen online just show right handed examples, so if you are a lefty you will love this book.

The lesson tells you exactly how many rows, or rounds, to do for each color but it also let's you know that you can vary this to make a solid color pillow or use all variegated yarn to allow the yarn to create the pattern.  This is great that the book is teaching us to use the basic pattern for an inspiration and let our own creativity take the project in the direction we want it to go in.

 I followed the pattern and created my two circular shapes for the front and the back of the pillow.

Next I used some scrap fabric and quilter's batting to create the center stuffing for the pillow.  I made mine out of a bright yellow to match the yarn to help camouflage it.  You could also purchase a pillow form or even make this to cover an old round pillow you have.  This center piece will also help to keep any of the stuffing from poking through the holes between the crochet stitches.

Now it is time to assembly the pillow . . . but before I do, look at the three circles together . . . if I were to vary the sizes of the circles, this could be a cute Mickey Mouse pillow!  (looks like I have an idea for ANOTHER project!)

With the stuffing piece sandwiched inside, to a whip stitch all the way around the outside of the pillow to attach the front to the back.  While I was doing this I found it hard to hold the front, back and stuffing piece in place so I removed the stuffing center and did the whip stitch around half of the pillow . . . then I put the center back in to do the second half.  This made things more manageable to hold on to.

If you wanted to stop here you could.  I think a bed or couch would look really cute with several bright colored round polka dot pillows in various sizes on it!  Or put a giant M on the front of this and you have M&M pillows!  Make it in green and and a giant eyeball and it is a Mike Wazowski pillow!
(again . . . looks like I have some future project ideas coming!)

Next I decided to use my Cricut to cut some Oly Fun fabric for the face of the pillow.  I used my George and Basic Shapes Cricut cartridge to make the heart and circle.  For the settings I used a deep cut blade set at 5, with the speed and pressure all the way down to the lowest setting.  I also used a multi cut of 4.  I cut the two heart shapes at 3 1/4" and then I cut a black circle at 7 1/4", which I cut in half for the mouth.

Next I used some Fabric Fusion to glue the face pieces to the front of the pillow.  Fabric Fusion had a good hold but dries soft so that the shapes would not feel stiff and hard.

And there you have it . . . an emoji pillow!

I think he turned out adorable!  You could make a whole collection of these with the different emoji faces on them.  

Make sure to check out the other crochet projects in the books from and let them inspire your next crafting project!

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Crocheted American Girl Doll Hats

I have recently started to play with crocheted crafts again.  Until this year, the only crochet stitches I had ever done are a chain, single crochet and double crochet.  If you want to see the crocheted crafts I have been doing, just click HERE.  

I have made several blankets over the years, but I think that the reason that I stayed away from other crochet projects is that my stitches always seemed to be larger or smaller than what was needed for the project I was working on . . . getting the stitch size correct is called the gauge.  This is something I am working on.  

I found a pattern for a doll hat HERE and I decided to give it a try.  Knowing that my gauge is usually off, I wanted to make a test hat to see if it would even end up fitting a standard 18" doll (American Girl Doll) so I used some rainbow yarn I had left over from another project.  I used a G hook, because that was the closest I had to the size hook the pattern recommends.

I think the fit turned out pretty good!

So once I knew it would fit, I made it again in pink.  This time I decided to have a little fun and make a big rose and add that to the hat.  I cannot remember where I found the rose pattern.

Now that I know I have a good size hat, I want to make more of them for my niece's American Girl Doll.  Each hat took me less than an hour to make.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Smart Fab

Last week I shared a project I created using Smart Fab (click HERE to see that project) and I cut it with my Sizzix dies and Big Shot.  The product cut beautifully with them!

Once the post was up, my friend Allie asked me how well the product cuts with an electronic die cutting machine and if it can be embossed.  Then we started to wonder if it could be stamped on also. 

So Allie . . . this blog post is dedicated to you!

Can you cut Smart Fab with the Cricut?  YES!  I used a deep cut blade set to 5, with a multi cut of 4 and the speed and pressure at the lowest settings.  I used a little painter's tape in the corner to hold the Smart Fab down . . . I always find that fabric shifts when I am cutting a shape close to the corner of the mat.

Can you emboss Smart Fab?  Well, sort of.  I ran it through my Cuttlebug and there are portions of it where you can see the embossed image, but it is faint.  The outcome might vary depending on the embossing folder you use.  If you want just a light, soft texture then this will work.

Can you stamp on Smart Fab.  Yes . . . but the image is not as crisp as it would be on paper . . . but maybe that is the look you are going for.  For me, and the project I was trying to make with the image below I ended up re-doing the sentiment on paper.  Next time I think I will stamp on it with simple shapes.  It could be a great way to create my own backgrounds.

Smart-Fab website // Facebook // Pinterest

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Mother's Day Gift

I have been reviewing a few books by Leisure Arts recently, and I have to say that this last one was the hardest one for me, because I feel like I have already made projects similar to some of the projects in the book.  Also, most of the projects used burlap flowers as a part of the embellishments, and I do not normally do a lot of work with burlap.  Then I saw a project that was a mug with a lid on it, filled with candy and I thought this would be a cute little gift for Mother's Day.  I ran to the Dollar Store and found a cute little jar with a lid on it . . . it was perfect for this project.

I decided to substitute the pre-made burlap flowers in this project for ones that I made myself using  my Sizzix flower die and some Smart-Fab fabric.  I saw this fabric when I was at CHA in January 2016.  It feels like a combination of fabric and paper . . . kind of like that fabric that the disposable gowns at the doctor's office are made out of . . . not really a traditional fabric, but more body to them than paper.

As you can see, the Smart-Fab cut perfectly with the Sizzix die.  Once I had the flower shapes cut, I rolled them around a pencil and placed a dot of glue on the end . . . then I just slide the portion that is wrapped on the pencil onto the dot of glue for the perfect flower you will see in the next photo.

I love the way this flower turned out!

I used Fabric Fusion glue for my flowers.

I did add a little burlap to the lid to be the leaves from the group of flowers.

I also wrapped a piece of a rhinestone sticker sheet around the top of the lid, mostly because I like projects with a little added sparkle.  You could wrap ribbon, cording, rope or twine around the outside of the lid too.

Now I just have to fill the dish with candy, and it is ready to give as a gift.  This would be great for Mother's Day or a Teacher's gift.

Make sure to check out the other books from Leisure Arts!  They are the perfect thing to inspire your next crafting project. Website  // Blog  // Facebook // Pinterest

Smart-Fab website // Facebook // Pinterest

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Crocheted Baby Toy

I consider myself a beginner level crocheter. I have made a few blankets over the years, but nothing too fancy.  Then I was asked to review the book One Skein Baby Projects  . . . I forgot how much fun crocheting is!  Once you have a stitch down, it becomes something you can do while watching television or riding in the car to your daughter's hockey or lacrosse game.

The other great thing about this book is that it has photos of some of the different stitching techniques for beginners like myself.  I still need those little reminders of what some of the different stitches are to get me started.

Since I know my own skill level, I did not want to jump into a project that looked too hard, so I picked the pretzel baby toy for my first project.  Basically, you are making a long tube that you fill with stuffing and then twist into a pretzel shape.  Below is a photo of the long tube before I twisted it into the pretzel shape.

My mother had this rainbow yarn, and since she had no idea what she was going to use it for or even why she purchased it in the first place, I decided to use it for this project.  I also thought the bright colors would be fun for a baby toy.  This project is a great way to use up the yarn you have at home . . . either some odd skein of yarn like this or you can change colors of yarn and use up those partial skeins.

The book says to put a rattle inside of the tube, but I decided not to do that so that this could be a great toy to bring with when you need something QUIET to occupy a child.

Once the tube was stitched and stuffed, I just shaped it into the pretzel shape and did a few stitches to hold it in this shape.  Now that I know how to make the basic tube, I could make it fatter and it not as long and turn it into a roll pillow.  

Make sure to check out the other books from Leisure Arts!  They are the perfect thing to inspire your next crafting project. Website  // Blog  // Facebook // Pinterest

Monday, April 18, 2016

Become a Cricut DIY Pro with Lia Griffith

Craftsy has a new class called Craft and Create with your Cricut Explore. For just $19.99 you get six video lessons that you can watch any time, cut files for the projects and close up instructions from Lia Griffith.

 Lia Griffith is a paper crafts designer and DIY enthusiast. Her unique projects and designs have launched her crafting career as a blogger, magazine contributor and stylist for companies such as West Elm, Creative Spaces and Martha Stewart. She is well-known for her one-of-a-kind paper flower designs and inspiring home decor projects.

Other classes by Craftsy include
Creative Die Cutting With Your Cricut (w/ Cathie Rigby)